Local 405

Health Insurance Benefits

Health and Welfare

Auxiant administers your HRA, vision care, safety glasses (members only), short term disability (members only), COBRA enrollment, and enrollment into the Health Insurance Plan.  It takes 304 reported hours to become eligible for coverage on our Health & Welfare plan.

The Auxiant phone number is 319-398-3283

Health Insurance

Wellmark takes care of your health insurance claims.  You can choose from an 80/20 plan, or a 70/30 plan with varying deductibles and premium costs.  

The Wellmark phone number is 800-524-9242.

Vision Care

Auxiant handles your vision coverage.  A routine exam is covered up to $150. Glasses or contacts are reimbursed up to $150 on top of the exam.  Safety glasses are for members are also reimbursed up to $150. 

The Auxiant phone number is 319-398-3283 EXT 1299.



Your EAP provides a variety of resources for you and your immediate family. These EAP benefits are NO COST to you, CONFIDENTIAL, and available 24/7/365.

Health Reimbursement account

Local 405 Health & Welfare contributions are paid by your employer monthly, and are put in a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) for you.  From the HRA you can pay your monthly premium and/or reimburse yourself for qualified out of pocket expenses. 

Doctors on demand

Getting sick is bad enough without having to get out of bed, go to the doctor and sit in a waiting room with other sick people.  With doctors on demand you and your family members can see a board-certified doctor in minutes who can treat the most common medical conditions and prescribe medication if needed.  Download the Doctors on Demand app in your app store or visit their website below.

Dental Coverage

Delta Dental handles your dental coverage.  

The phone number to Delta Dental is 800-544-0718.

MRF disclosures

Life Insurance

You will have a $6,250/$12,500 life insurance policy with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Pension Plan once you join the Union, this is paid from your dues structure.

You will have a $2,500/$5,000 life insurance policy with Metropolitan Life Company paid by the Local and an additional $2,500 accidental death policy with American Income Life.

Once you qualify for our Health and Welfare insurance program (effective after reported contributions of 304 hours) you will be covered with an additional $10,000/$20,000 life insurance policy with Cedar Rapids Electrical Workers Health and Welfare Fund. Additionally, you have a Short Term Disability policy that pays you up to 26 weeks when you are off work for a personal injury

You will also have Accidental Death benefit that doubles the above listed policies and provides an additional $2,500 benefit.

Pension Benefits

Deferred Saving plan with Milliman

Milliman administers your pension plan.  Pension contributions are paid monthly by your employer to Auxiant.  They then transmit that money to Milliman where it is invested for you.  The default plan that the money is invested in is based on your age. You can also choose to be more or less aggressive.

An optional 401-K plan is available for your participation.  You can enroll in the plan at the time of initial employment with a contractor or at the beginning of a pay period (January 1, April 1, July 1 or October 1).  You must be active in the Local 405 Pension Plan to be eligible to participate.

The phone number for customer service at Milliman is 1-866-767-1212.


NEBF pension is calculated as a monthly amount of $32/month X years of service at full retirement age. 

IBEW Pension Benefit

IBEW pension benefit is calculated as a monthly amount of $4.50/month X years of membership at full retirement age.